Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Today I Read: Luke 1:26-56

Since it’s Christmas week I figured I should post something Christmas-y…

(Best Christmas movie ever!
Know what I mean, Vern?)

I think Protestants try to steer clear of Mary… Because we don’t want to “Hail Mary”, we go to the other extreme and overlook her.

 I don’t believe Mary was without sin. I don’t believe we need to pray to her as an intercessory. I don’t believe we should look at Mary at being any better or ‘holier’ than any other human.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a lot from the girl! Mary was a wonderful woman, and I want to be like her in the way I respond to God’s call on my life.

Mary was quite contrary in the way she reacted to the news that she would be the mother of Jesus. The angel Gabriel came to both Zechariah (father of John The Baptist) and Mary with news of an unexpected child. They both had legitimate questions about how this was possible. Zechariah’s wife was old (but he was smart enough not to call his wife old. He says she was “well along in years”. 🙂 ) and Mary was a virgin. But Gabriel reacted negatively to Zechariah’s question. Why?

Zechariah’s question seemed to be drenched in doubt, much like Abraham’s. He wants proof. “How can I be sure of this?” he says.

Mary question seems to be just that. A question. “How can this be when I am a virgin?” Gabriel patiently gives Mary an answer and, knowing that this may sound crazy, ends with “Nothing is impossible with God.”

And then Mary does something that very few people in Scripture (and life) do. She says okay. No hemming or hawing like Moses or Gideon or Jonah did. Okay, let’s do this. Mary considered herself blessed to be chosen by God to do something wonderful.

Question I’m Pondering: When God calls me to do something, how do I typically respond? What prevents me from responding like Mary?

Song of The Day: Mary Did You Know? Just kidding. How ’bout… Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of Year from Catch Me If You Can.

Author: Michael Murray

I like steak. I like bacon. And I want to follow Jesus the best I can.

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