Kim Davis, Ashley Madison, Trump’s Hair

[NOTE: I started writing this post 8 days ago and had to stop, and never had the time to get back to it, so some of it may seem outdated.]

I have a lot of friends who are Christians. I have a lot of friends who would not consider themselves Christians. I enjoy talking to all of them about current events, politics, and other worthy (and perhaps not-so-worthy) news items. Here’s the crazy thing:

Their opinions on these topics aren’t as polarizing as one might think.

Now, I’m not saying they are in agreement on these topics (although that also happens more than one might think…). I’m saying the space between their views isn’t ocean-sized. I haven’t taken a poll, but most of my Christian friends do not think Kim Davis is some kind of martyr. Most are not voting for Trump. But unfortunately, the loudest people on both extremes get the most attention.

I think what drives me crazy is the mean-spirited name calling that I see from all sides (because there is never only 2 sides…). And believe me, I’m not immune to this. I’m as guilty as anyone. But no matter what your opinion is on any topic, being mean is a credibility killer. I read that Kim Davis’  husband called the judge who sentenced her to jail a “butt”. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it, is that’s disrespectful. And it goes against God’s Word. I’ve also seen people call Kim Davis a different “B” word. Same thing applies. You do not need to resort to that to win arguments.

I know one thing that my non-Christian friends seem to dislike about Christians is hypocrisy. To be sure, hypocrisy exists. But we must not confuse hypocrisy with brokenness. Someone who agrees that “A” is wrong [insert your sin of choice here] but struggles with “A” isn’t a hypocrite. The question is, are they living out there brokenness authentically? Are they honest with their struggle. Are they showing you they need Jesus just as much as you do? I know people like that. They are beautiful. It’s hard not to root for them and want to be there for them when they fall.

Christians get in trouble when they give the vibe that they don’t personally need Jesus. They will use Jesus’ words to tell others what they shouldn’t be doing. But while Jesus said a lot of good stuff, we’re ultimately Christians because of what Jesus did. Namely, take our punishment for sin. Sin no one is immune to. So when the people who seem to be morally policing others get caught on a site like, say, Ashley Madison, it can seem like poetic justice. It can be easy to take satisfaction in that. But no matter what your stance is, I would beg you not to take joy in it. My heart breaks for those who got tangled in the web of AM, regardless of what their believe system is. Families are being torn apart, and we need to have compassion. Compassion doesn’t mean giving a free pass. Compassion doesn’t mean that the offender doesn’t have to take responsibility. I’m still figuring out what compassion is. But I think, at least in part, it’s admitting you’re just as broken and messed up as them, and you’re not above a great fall.

I’m tired. I hope this makes sense.

Author: Michael Murray

I like steak. I like bacon. And I want to follow Jesus the best I can.

One thought on “Kim Davis, Ashley Madison, Trump’s Hair”

  1. I totally get this Michael and agree 100percent! It breaks my heart that there isn’t much difference in how the world and God’s people are thinking/reacting/responding. Shouldn’t we stand out? Aren’t we supposed to be different?


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